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Kanazawa Ono Karakuri Museum [wheels]


Kanazawa Ono Karakuri Museum/ISHIKAWA


Kanazawa Ono Karakuri Museum is where I really wanted to visit.
It has famous wind-up dolls that serve tea.


I got so excited to see so many cog wheels... I love cog wheels.( agear,acogwheel)

I like their shapes and also how they actually work.


The museum has hands-on activities and you can touch and turn the wheels.



Square shaped wheel-  Left wheel and right wheel turn at different speeds.

Used mostly for printers. 


Chrysanthemum shaped



Leaf shaped  


Look ! So many wheels in different shapes!


Inside the main building.  Beautiful design that reminds us of Tsuzumi (hand drum)

There was a similar one in front of the Kanazawa station.



 Geometrical pattens of the windows at the museum. They look gorgeous.



Kanazawa Ono Karakuri Museum  石川県金沢港大野からくり記念館

920-0331 石川県金沢市大野町4-2-29


Japanese snack 「Takoyaki」


Japanese snack Takoyaki


Takoyaki is a casual fast food in Japan.

Mix well Dashi, octopus, crispy scraps of tempura, green onions, pickled red ginger  etc and flour ,then pour the batter in the holes of hot takoyaki pan.


It's usually served with sauce and mayonaise, topped with sprinkle of dried green seaweed and katsuobushi.


Not only kids but adults love this round-shaped snack. We make takoyaki at home or invite friedns to have a takoyaki party. I actually did have a takoyaki party when I was little. 

Don't miss the chance to try this Japanese snack [Tako-yaki]!

One of western foods in Japan 「Spaghetti Napolitan」


One of estern foods in Japan 「Spaghetti Napolitan

Japan actively adopted various food culture from other countries and developped our own menu.


Spaghetti Napolitan is a Japanese version of local cuisine in Naples, Italy.It's a Japanese original.


Spaghetti Neapolitan used to be a popular & common food at home and at restaurants in Japan long time ago.  It was often served also at old-fashioned coffee shops when I was a kid.


It's a spaghetti seasoned mainly with tomato ketchup.with sausages, onions etc in it.

Don't miss the chance to try it as a Japanese western food :YOU-SHOKU !

Zaru soba (soba noodles)


Ten-zaru(Cold Soba and Tempra) .

Yeah.It's yummy!!! 

You dip soba noodles into the sauce swiftly and pick up .Then slurp with air. Slurping noodles noisily while eating is the right way to enjoy soba in Japan.


It's considered to be " chic" to drink sake with seaweed ,or  kamaboko (boiled fish paste) and wasabi before eating soba.

►Ten-zaru(Cold Soba and Tempra) at "Yabu-soba(藪そば)" located in Kanda(神田) or Asakusa(浅草),or Ueno-Ike-no-Hata(上野池之端).

insence stand & insence holder


A set of portable silver insence stand & insence holder.


This small incense stand is sakura-shaped and made by silver


Incense can be quite long. So we break them to fit into the incense holder. 


Finest incense of KYARA

My grandmother's comb(KUSHI KANZASHI)


This is my grandmother's comb of Meiji(1868-1912) or Taisho (1912-1926)periods.

It's a small tortoiseshell comb, gold lacquered with "kai-awase(Common orient clam)" designs.


It's only 8.5 cm and looks small & plain. 


This my kimono has the sameKai-awase designs.


"Kon shiro/Bleu Blanc" ☆new launch 24th Oct 2014



In the morning, you put on a simple cotton shirt of the highest quality. Feeling a refreshing excitement, you take a moment to even your breathing. At night, after a relaxing bath, you succomb to relaxing sleep wrapped inclean linen. The familiar colours in the simple but high quality life style of Japan, this fragrance was created in an image of "navy and white". An unusual pairing of fruity and aldehyde, leaves annovel and unconventional image. This fragrance is soft and calming, like linen filled with light. 

Le matin vous enfilez votre chemise en coton de la plus haute qualité. Un sentiment d'excitation  rafraîchissant, vous prenez quelques instants pour reprendre haleine. La nuit après un bain relaxant,vous succombez au sommeil calme, enveloppé d'un simple drap blanc. Ce parfum a été créé en correspondance à  une image de "bleu marine et blanc". Ce sont des couleurs bien connues dans la vie japonais , la simplicité et le calme, la qualité de la vie.  Le mariage inhabituel entre notes fruitées et aldéhydes,  laisse une image non conventionnelle. Ce parfum est doux et relaxant comme un matin plein de lumière.


The top note with freshness and a little bitter, matches with the bitterness of citrus peel, the strong green and deepness of dried fruit. Gradually a sheen is added by the aldehyde and changes into a warm middle woody note. The last note is filled with a dry but fresh and refined scent of "navy and white".

La note de tête fraîche mais aussi un peu acidulée. Une légère amertume de zestes d'agrumes ,   de vert fort et la profondeur de fruits séchés. Progressivement un pétillement d'aldéhyde se transforme en une note chaude boisée. Une note de fond  seche, fraîche et raffinée de "bleu marine et blanc" , un sentiment intraduisible ....

Fruity Aldehyde

Top note
bergamot, lemon peal, galbanum, cassis, aldehyde

Middle note
cyclamen, rose, jasmine, orange flour, clove, dry plum

Last note
patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, guaiac wood, cacao,

[Nuage Rose]  Satori in Cannes


At sunrise and sunset of the French Riviera, the sky turns into a canvas, light from between the soft clouds melting in the ocean... This beautiful sight was embottled.

Eyes closed we smell this fragrance and all at once gentle colors and inviting us to a brand new journey...Nuage Rose is a fragrance for a woman who fully enjoys life and its beauty.




The top note is a melting fruity pear sharpened with pink pepper. Then a pink colored accord of rose and violet spreads and the jasmine absolute creates an amazingly soft harmony. The last note is a powdery sandalwood. Luxurious soft Iris was abundantly used and takes us in light steps.



Rose de Mai and Damask Rose

Two representative natural fragrance materials used in perfume making.

The Bulgarian "Damask Rose" and "the Rose de Mai" cultivated in the south of France, Grasse, since the old times. Damask rose has a strong and powerful spreading top note, whereas the Rose de mai absolute has a soft continuing fragrance with a honey like aroma of a flower stamen.  

It is a pink rose with numerous overlapping petals as described in its scientific name "Rosa centifolia" (rose with a hundred petals).




RYORI TSUSHIN 2013June  料理通信


Perfumer Satori Osawa

Somehow an image appears inside us, even if we can't see it with our eyes. And because we can't see it, the scene surpasses time and space. That is what "fragrance" is. The scenery created through the perfumes by Satori Osawa is the Japanese mentality and the unspoilt scenery of Japan itself.



WASANBON Parfum Satori's "Premium Collection"



Parfum Satori's "Premium Collection"
A new fragrance "Wasaonbon" -Released from Parfum Satori on 10 May 2013.

A delightful candy coated with sparkling fine sugar that melts in your mouth like meringue - this is the image of the new fragrance, Wasanbon. The name is taken from a special type of Japanese sugar, which coincidentally is pronounced the same as "Wa sent bon", meaning "a nice fragrant of Wa" in French. This new fragrance is not the typical nor traditional scent imagined from the concept of "Wa" or "Japonism", but has a nuance that gently veils the gestures of a charming lady.

Beginning with a sour yet sweet lemony top note, the fragrance moves gradually into a light and sweet cake-like scent, which will bring a smile to all those surrounding her. The perfume uses top quality Iris essence which gives the fragrance a light and airy feel.

Gourmand type
Top Note: Lemon, Muscat
Middle Note: Mimosa, Muguet, Almond, Sugar, Honey
Last Note: Vanilla, Iris, Guaiac Wood


Type: Eau de Parfum
Size: 50ml Atomiser
Price: 16,800yen

Parfum Satori

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-Looking for the little door to Parfum Satori-




These days, I'm grateful to say that we have been seeing an increasing number of customers from overseas.


Many of the customers said that they came across my fragrances and shop through Basenotes ( (Parfum, Satori is mentioned here: ) or from their friends who had asked them to stop by during their trip to Tokyo.


My shop faces a rather busy avenue called Meiji Dori and it is quite easy to get to using public transportation, but many of my new customers miss the small entrance while walking by, or mistake it for an antique store because of the showcase filled with antiques.



120913店内 鉄瓶.jpg


My most recent customer, a gentleman from the U.S. who had seen the postings on Basenotes and decided to come visit during his holiday in Tokyo, explained to me that he had walked the street back and forth several times and had almost given up. After having a cup of coffee at the Seattle's Café just 20m down the road, he decided to give us one more try and finally was able to find the shop.


As I was in (there are times when I would have stepped out and unfortunately can't meet some of my customers), I was happy to show him my original fragrances and after testing a few, he had kindly decided on purchasing "Sonnet" for his wife and "Satori" for himself. It was a lovely afternoon.


Please come by to the shop next time you are in Tokyo and please don't give up when you can't find us the first time. The shop is along Meiji Dori and is 3 min from Yoyogi station (on your left) and about 7 min from Shinjuku South exit (on your right). I attach a picture of the front of my shop. Hopefully this will help you find us.





I look forward to meeting you here at my shop, a little hideaway in the heart of Tokyo, a place for all those who want to know the real essence of perfume.



Parfum Satori talks about Japanese culture in Facebook

PARFUM SATORI's perfumes, Fragrances with no borders.

Les parfums de PARFUM SATORI, des fragrances sans frontières.

Parfum Satori talks about Japanese culture in the official blog. 

Stone Lanterns 石灯籠(いしどうろう) 



It never struck me before, but there are many stone lanterns in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

It reminded me of the tall stone lantern in the corner of the garden in the old home I lived as a child, although again, I never was interested in it back then. However, in the past 3 years or so, I began noticing the stone lanterns during my walks around the National Garden.

"UME NO HANA" Japanese Plum Blossom-2

Plum blossom is a flower with a particularly good fragrance. Comparing to its elegant posture, its fragrance has a bewitching face. The red flower and the white flower, both have different smells as well.


"UME NO HANA" Japanese Plum Blossom-1



"Ume no hana

Kaguhashimi tookedomo

Kokoromoshinoni kimi wo shizo omou"

by Okimi Ichihara


Plum blossom is a flower appreciated by Japanese aristocracy since the ancient times and appears in 119 poems of the "Manyoshu - Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves".


Japanese sweets /Wagashi-2




Japanese sweets

 AKIKUSA - Autumn grass


Japan has four distinctive seasons, which have build Japanese people's susceptibility nature. Autumn is the harvest season filled with joy, but it also brings a feeling of loneliness. The simple design of Susuki (Japanese pampas grass) expresses a sentimental autumn scene on this sweet.






SUSUKI - Japanese pampas grass

In Japan there is a custom of displaying "Susuki (Japanese pampas grass)" and "Odango (sweet dumpling)" and have a "Moon Viewing" gathering called "Otsukimi" on the full moon night of September. A sweet yellow paste made with the yolk of eggs wraps some black bean paste, looking just like the round full moon with a design of Susuki on it.


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SONNET,Eau de parfum,Osmanthus


The top note is a fresh mandarin citrus and a tea note of sage sclary. Then a soft floral fragrance expands with the sweet peachy scent of osmanthus, graduallyshifting to a warm woody last note.


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Japanese Classical Dance Performance"Nihon-Buyo"

100929藤娘 日舞.jpg 


When I was a child, I was learning "Nihon-Buyo", a Japanese Classical Dance Performance. My last stage was "Fuji-Musume (The Wisteria Maiden)". 

WAGASHI - Japanese sweets


WAGASHI , Japanese sweets 

There are many traditional sweets in Japan.


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The fresh springwater flowing down between the trees, reveals a blending harmony of the cold clear water with the warmth of trees and mosses.



Tatami is an original Japanese flooring, a traditional mat made of plant materials.

"Around the world, Ikebana and Perfume."


Whenever I do a demonstration abroad, or invite a guest in my hotel room, I always display some "Ikebana".

Aroma of Green tea

  110527  AROMA OF GREEN TEA.jpg

The aroma of Green tea is a refreshing green and bitter smell.

Meiji Jingu - The well of Kiyomasa


Meiji Jingu is a shrine dedicated to the divine souls of Emperor Meiji and his consort Empress Shoken.


Sword guards (KINKOU=Silversmith and Goldsmith)

110419刀の鍔 金工.jpg

  Silversmith and Goldsmith KINKOU

The Dawn



The Dawn


Looking out the car window, close sceneries moving fast


"Poison" by Dior    Perfumes and novels-3


There are several interesting perfume selections in modern literature as well.

"JOY (Jean Patou)" in Yukio Mishima's "La Vertu chancelante".



Recently, perfume has even helped build a movie character.



"Rebecca (by Du Maurier )" Perfumes and novels-1


Perfumes do not appear in many novels.


KODOUGU Tools of "Kodo", the Way of Incense

110215ko dogu.jpg 

Tools of "Kodo" ,the Way of Incense.

Knot-Making called Kumihimo


 Knot-Making called Kumihimo is a traditional Japanese art.


The Koh packets, wrapping of Jinko(Way of Incense KODO 3)


The Koh packets,wrapping of Jinko.

The grading of "Jinko"(Japanese Incense Wood) Kodo2


[Rikkoku-Gomi] (meaning 6 countries and 5tastes)is the grading of "Jinko"(Japanese Incense Wood)

"Japanese Incense Wood" used in "KODO (Way of Incense)"

101102香 木6国.jpg


The Japanese Incense Wood is called "Jinsui-Kohboku (Aloeswood or Agarwood)" commonly known as "Jinko".

The Rose Poem

| コメント(2)


YOU TUBE [The Rose Poem] 


The Rose  of Paris

Cold, a little sweet

And capriciously sulky


Japanese WASHI paper craft (SUNAGO)


Gold Powder and Silver Powder (SUNAGO) continue Click here ↓

"Sanadahimo (Japanese Close-woven Samurai Ribbon)

101004samurai ribon.jpg


Sanadahimo is one of the Japanese traditional fabrics.

[Silk Iris] a été présenté dans le magazine « 25ans »




Le nouveau parfum de PARFUM SATORI a été présenté dans le magazine « 25ans ».



100425万葉 月.jpg

 Man'yōshū  "Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves" is the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry, 759 A.D.


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Rachmaninov/ The Bells/ Edgar Allan Poe


The bells is a choral symphony by Rachmaninoff.
The words are from the poem The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe.

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La vent et la pâquerette


Le vent a apporté et a laissé, la claire lumière du printemps.


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Prunier:Plum blossoms


Patiently and still,I shall wait for you.
Will then my long dark hair in the air
be sprinkled with misty white.

                                                                            from" Manyo shu"

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Jour de Noël

091224 christmas.jpg

I wish we have a small country house in the suburb and we will stay there in the weekends.

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Little Friends in South of France


A little guest pass over the formula
he has quicken his steps.



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"If only there could be an invention,"

 I said impulsively,
"that bottled up a memory,like scent.
And it never faded, and it never got stale.
And then, when one wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked,
and it would be like living the moment all over again.

                                                                            from "Rebecca"by du maurier

in reverse gear


I wanted to go back again,
to recapture the moment that had gone,
even the sun would be changed in the sky casting another shadow ...

...There was something chilling in the thought ,
something a little melancholy,
and looking at the clock I saw that five more minutes had gone by...

                                                                                 from "Rebecca"by du maurier

Maybe scent is ...

Maybe scent is beautiful because it's invisible .

When we are smelling a scent,
we close our eyes and take a trip to look for the beauty behind it.



 blog invisible.jpg



The sense of beauty



We lived in different places, grew up in different cultures,

and have seen different things.

But with the sense of beauty,

we can discover the real essence hidden behind an object.


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The memories in a precious box 27



When there is an intention,it is not usually very pleasant .

When we take a picture,

 and we care too much about the public eyes ,

the picture often ends up being a disappointment.


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[Programme ] Juin 2009 French ver.

Article a partir du magazine [Programme]

Les odeurs réveillent nos "mémoires de fraîcheur" - Satori




Satori appear in the magazine


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Article a partir du magazine




Satori appear in the magazine [WAKASA SEIKATSU]

Josei jishin French ver.


JOSEI Jishin [about school]


Satori appear in the magazine [Josei jishin]

STORY French ver.


Satori paraîtront dans les magazines de mode [Story]

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Satori appear in fashion magazine [Story]

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JESSICA French ver.


Satori paraîtront dans les magazines de mode Jessica

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JESSICA「Perfume, the Final Answer of Fashion」



Satori appear in fashion magazine Jessica

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「パルファン サトリ」は、フランス調香師協会会員・SATORI(大沢さとり)の香水ブランドです。コレクションはすべてSATORI自身の処方により調合された特別感のある香り。初めて香水を試される方や、外国の強い香水に疲れた方にもお勧めです。日本の気候と情緒に合う、優しくおだやかな香りをお楽しみください。

SATORI'S ピックアップ

















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